Xavier and Leita get married – Virginia Beach Wedding – Grand Affairs

So, I met Xavier first – at the track at Virginia International Raceway at a TrackDaze event. He was getting ribbed for going on and on about Leita and how awesome she is (or at least that’s my side of the story)! Anyways, he mentioned needing a wedding photographer and so of course I mentioned that’s what I love to do – from there I got to meet with Leita and Xavier and we hit it off right away. They are a beautiful, relaxed, fun-loving couple – just my favorite kind of people – Good to the core.

Leita and Xavier met through my neighbor and Leita’s coworker Peggy (who was also one of the bridesmaids).




When asking them both how they knew they other was ‘the one’ they’re answer was quite clear. “When you know – you know. It’s hard to explain to people but it is the truth.”

Xavier’s proposed to Leita on the beach close to where we got married.  He proposed the day before they left for a cruise to Alaska – one of the many adventures they have taken together! They love to travel! The guys showed a little of their heritage by wearing a traditional barong rather than a suit or tux. They looked quite handsome don’t you think?











Xavier’s dad and Leita’s mom prepared and very heartful, funny, and entertaining slideshow for the guest of the wedding to watch during dinner. It included many pictures of both Xavier and Leita as they were growing up and compared and contrasted their personalities throughout time. Xavier was certainly fun-loving since with womb – haha! Leita was a little more reserved but Xavier has brought out the fun side of Leita and she’s taught him the reasons why he should maybe think things through sometimes before trying them! They are such a great couple and are going to have an awesome, long-lasting marriage! I am so excited for their future together as husband and wife. The day was full of love and emotion and everyone could feel and share in their joy!      blog13

Leita and Xavier and all their guests had a blast using the photo booth and the props! We have some pretty amazing pictures from that and wish we could have shared them all on this blog post. They also played a very popular wedding game called the shoe game that has the bride and groom exchange one shoe each. The maid of honor and a groomsmen read out the questions like, “Who will be the most likely to want babies first?” Everyone had a great time laughing with them over the funny questions and answers!


Xavier and Leita also participated in the Dollar Dance which is traditional in Phillipine traditions. The wedding money dance, or Saya ng Pera, is almost a requirement at Filipino weddings. To kick off the boisterous peso-pinning party game, which can last for up to three hours in some small villages, a woven lei of money is usually placed around the couple’s neck. Although most guests prefer to pin the money to the newlywed couple’s garments, it is also common for them to place rolled-up bills or an envelope of cash in the bride’s mouth to symbolize good fortune. Most couples opt to play traditional Filipino folk music or popular love songs.


Instead of sparklers or bubbles, Xavier and Leita continued their beach theme right through to the very end with a super fun beach ball exit. The beach balls were favors for the guests and were personalized by the groom and his friends with silly suggestions for the guests to try at the wedding – “Twerk it like Miley” for example! Such fun!blog17




DJ – Astro DJ

Cake – (cupcakes) – Buttercream Cupcake Cafe in Chesapeake

Florist – Norfolk Florist supplied the flowers BUT the women did the decorations, etc.

Catering – Done in-house by Grand Affairs