Why Twitter Works


6 Strategies for Twitter Success


As Twitter continues to emerge as one the top social media sites, with now over 28 million unique users (Quantcast, August 2009), more and more business are starting to utilize the free service to reach their customers.

Twitter is a great platform to promote information about your business, but more importantly, it is a great way to establish relationships with clients, both existing and new. Like any relationship, you have to do the following in order to define success:



1. Let your personality shine.

You can do this by customizing your profile background, including a brief biography of your company, adding a link to your website, and listing the names and email addresses of those running the Twitter account. This helps establish a personality behind your account.
• Tip: Visit the ‘Settings’ section of your Twitter account to add and update this information.

2. Listen and respond.

It’s important to monitor when your business name is mentioned and when someone @replies or sends a direct message (DM) to you. Think of Twitter as real-time market research in which you can get quick, firsthand experiences of what people think about your products and services. In return, you have the opportunity to thank people for compliments or address concerns.

Twitter inevitably helps extend your customer service and address issues in real-time, so make sure to listen and respond to what people are saying.

• Tip: Use third party sites, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, to quickly and easily monitor your business name mentions, @replies, and DMs.

3. Engage in casual conversation.

It can be challenging to deliver a formal message in one-hundred and forty characters or less, so think conversation style! Twitter is a great way to showcase the inner workings of your company, so think of it as a conversation between you and your followers. Just remember to stay cool, calm, and collected in your tweeting.

4. Refrain from constantly talking about yourself.

In addition to posting about your company, share other articles and sites that you find useful. Retweet interesting things that you see or promote other wedding professionals you know. This will demonstrate that you are engaged and people will appreciate that you share their messages.

5. Offer value.

Add value to your tweets by providing an inside look of your business, post pictures of your office, include product coupons and services discounts, and more. This will help engage your audience to follow your tweets and eventually result in more business. Most importantly, make sure to respect your followers and refrain from spamming them.
• Tip: TweetPicyfrog, and TweetPhoto are a few sites that you can use to post photos to your Twitter account.

6. Evaluate your relationship.

As a business, you understand the importance of measuring the value of your company. With Twitter, the same rules apply. Below are some tips for measuring your Twitter experience.
• Tip: Use third party sites, such as HootSuite, to track click through rates and other sites, like Google Analytics, to track how much traffic your website is getting from
• Tip: If you run a promotion, track how many followers use your Twitter-based promo code or visit your promotion landing page.
• Tip: Keep track of questions, answers, customer problems resolved and any exchanges that you have had to see if there is a percentage of change over time.

Even though each and every business on Twitter has their own experience, these are 6 strategies that can help any business, regardless of size, get the most out of Twitter. For more information, visit


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