Wedding FAQ’s

The Basics

How far in advance do I need to book with you?
The sooner the better because we must work on a first come first serve basis. The deposit and signed contract will promise the date is held for you and only you.

How long have you been in business? 
I have been “officially” in business for four and a half years but have been teaching, doing, and loving photography for over 15 years.

How would you describe your photography style?
I would consider myself a modern, candid photographer. I love capturing the real moments and the little things that others might take for granted or not even notice. I, of course, will take the obligatory posed bridal party and family posed pictures with extreme efficiency but my passion is for the little details and moments that are shared between you and your spouse, your family, and your friends. I like to get things right on camera and edit only when necessary (blemishes, distracting background objects, etc.).

How would you describe your working style? 
I like to be inconspicuous whenever possible and not be  noticed, but I will take charge (and my teacher voice might come out) if I have to arrange large groups and we’re working within a short period of time. I  am always respectful and try to keep things happy and light so that everyone gives me real, genuine smiles and fun happy pictures.

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?
I think that I distinguish myself from other photographers and with that my images reflect my beliefs and principles about what’s most important in life. I think the little moments, the tiny seconds of time where the true love and emotion is expressed are things I wish I could just bottle up and freeze time. With my images, I try to do just that – preserving those moments so they will last a lifetime. I really show YOU as a couple genuinely loving and happy and in that moment.

Do you have a portfolio I can review? Are all of the images yours, and is the work recent?
Absolutely, I always have images to share when meeting with my clients! A little of my work can be found on the wedding page and within the history of blog posts. I’m also always happy to share an entire wedding gallery with you online or in person so you are able to see an entire wedding day start to finish. I believe you should ask this of every photographer that you meet with. Anyone can present their top ten best on their website – but you want to make sure they can handle every part of your day – no matter the lighting, setting, etc. I can certainly handle anything and am happy to show you that!

What type of equipment do you use?
I use all Canon equipment and my second shooters use either Nikon on Canon as well – all professional grade equipment. I personally have a Canon 5d Mark iii as well as 2 Canon 7D cameras for second cameras and backups and many different choices for flashes and lenses  depending on the lighting situations! I also have backup for all of my equipment in case there is a failure of any kind during your day.

Are you shooting in digital or film format or both? 
I shoot digitally and that allows me to take many more pictures and give more to you without the extra costs.  All of my wedding packages include a USB of all edited high-resolution images. I have started shooting some film at engagement sessions and family sessions – and have plans to eventually branch out to use some film at weddings as well!

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?
Absolutely, I also give you a typical shot list for weddings, if you can think of anything that’s not on there feel free to list away!

Can you put together a slideshow of the engagement session (along with other photos the couple provides) and show it during the cocktail hour? What about an “instant” slideshow of the ceremony?
We CAN do either or both of these! Let’s chat!

What information do I need to provide you before the wedding day?
We like to know the events planned for the day and details about the who, what, when, and where of that plan! Also any special secrets you or your spouse are keeping from each other – we should be in on those too – so we can be there in the right place to capture the reactions! I have a questionnaire that I will send you and we will go over in our pre-wedding meeting so we’ll know everything we need to know to handle every second of your day!

May I have a list of references?
Absolutely! You can also check out my reviews on Wedding Wire that earned me Bride’s Choice 2013! Click here to read my reviews!

The Shoot

Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, will you have any assistants with you on that day? 
I surely will unless something unfortunate and uncontrollable happens. I will be the one to take the pictures at your wedding. In the case of an extreme, unforeseen emergency my second shooter will take my place as she is more than proficient in shooting weddings herself and another second shooter will file into her place. There are always backups for my backups! I take this very seriously! Ask me why!

If my wedding site is out of your area, do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover?
If you are within 40 miles I do not charge a travel fee. If further, we can discuss the rates for those extra costs.

Are you photographing other events on the same day as mine?
No, once you sign the contract and meet the deposit requirements, the day is officially yours. I will be at your beck-and-call!

How will you (and your assistants) be dressed?
We will be dressed in all black (slacks, shell, and sweater usually) with black shoes that have non-marking noise-free soles!

Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?
We prefer they do not take photos during the ceremony or during the posed shots because flash from consumer grade cameras point directly at the person in the pictures and could potentially ruin a shot taken by us (or blind your guests and wedding party temporarily). We know that people love taking their own photos but we do suggest letting us take care of this, and since you get all the images you can share with them all you want after the wedding!

What time will you arrive at the site and for how long will you shoot? If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?
We will be on time based on the time listed on the contract and not a minute late! We still stay the contractual number of hours and a little* extra when needed. If we feel like this has run over our time limit we will ask if you would like us to stay longer and make you aware of any additional fees, though this rarely happens! We will also go over these costs beforehand so they are not a surprise.

Packages, Proofs and Prints

What packages do you offer?
We have four different packages based on the price point and products you are looking for. You can view them here.

Can I customize a package based on my needs?
The packages we have are flexible to a point and we always like to meet and exceed your needs!

Do your include the engagment session images in your sessions?
Our top two packages do offer complimentary engagement photos.

What type of album designs do you offer? Do you provide any assistance in creating an album?
We will discuss what type of album you are looking for and I will custom design an album for you using the images from your wedding and you can make 2 revisions.

Do you provide retouching, color adjustment or other corrective services?
These are all included before the images are ever sent to you. We do our best to edit out any of these issues (and get it right on camera before we even edit!). If there are certain images you’d like “extra” editing on we can talk about those when we meet after the wedding to deliver the images to you!

How long after the wedding will I get the proofs? Will they be viewable online? On a CD?
Proofs usually take 4-6 weeks depending on the season – fall and spring being our most busy times. We will gladly put proofs online for you to view if requested but we will send you a zip file for digital download of your images and can meet in person to discuss prints, albums, canvases, and more!

What is the ordering process?
Orders can be done through email or during our in-person meetings. We will go over which images and products you’d like to order after you have seen all of your images from the day!

How long after I order my photos/album will I get them?
After the album has gotten your approval it will be a few weeks turnaround time to have it in. Paper prints are ready within 1 week of ordering.

Will you give me the negatives or the digital images, and is there a fee for that?
These are included with any wedding package on USB.

Contracts and Policies

When will I receive a written contract?
We will write one when we meet and have a signed copy for each of us before we leave! If you want more time to think it over, contracts can be sent through email after meetings as well.

How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?
Deposit is 30% and is due at time of booking to hold you date. Deposits are not refundable or transferrable. We can split the payments of the remainder of the deposit into 2 payments instead of one if needed.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
In the event that THE CLIENT cancels the contracted services for wedding photography outlined in this contract before the wedding ceremony takes place, the deposit will be forfeit. Hoot Media LLC agrees to refund all additional paid money (less expenditures for which receipts will be provided), to THE CLIENT.

Do you have liability insurance?

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I feel a connection with this photographer as well as his/her photos? Are our personalities a good match?
Am I comfortable with this person’s work and communication style?
Has this photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns?
Check references. Ask the photographer for at least 3 references, preferably of couples whose wedding was similar to yours in size and/or style. Getting feedback from several people who have actually hired the photographer in question can really help you decide if that person is right for you.