The Sears Family – Newborn Lifestyle Session

Meet the beautiful Abigail Grace Sears! Mom and Dad were so welcoming and happy to share her sweetness with me! She did a great job even with this day also being her first day at her church’s nursery earlier that morning!

Lifestyle sessions are fun because you get to be in the comfort of your own home, we capture real moments of you and your brand new precious baby just doing everyday things!

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Capturing the tiny details of a newborn and JUST how TINY they truly are is always so important in that first few weeks of life. They’ll never again be able to fit in your hands exactly how they did in that moment and you’ll never regret documenting those special tiny features! I just LOVE baby feet. I could seriously stare at them and kiss them all day. The teensy wrinkles in each foot – the super tiny sweet little toe nails … there’s not too much out there that’s better than that.blog5 blog4 blog3

Abby’s room was beautiful! Mom and Dad had added these detailed decals to her walls and her daddy is definitely starting early on training her to duck hunt! The love he has for this tiny girl is undeniable. I think momma kinda likes her too don’t ya think?blog2 blog1