The Portella Family


I first met Melissa while teaching at Rolfe Middle school about 6 years ago and she’s SUCH a beautiful person inside and out! So when I heard that another friend told her she should call me about her wedding I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to hear from her! This photo shoot was part of our blanket drive mini sessions and originally was going to be Melissa and her fiance Bret but since there was so much snow in Richmond all week – and Bret owns his own business – there was work to finish that he hadn’t been able to do and wasn’t able to make it to the session. Melissa called me the day before the session telling me, I think I’m going to have to cancel because Bret won’t be able to come and my parents are in town for wedding planning and it’s going to be  a packed day!

I suggested that of course she should bring her parents along to the session and we can just capture them and their family together instead! This turned out to be even more of a blessing and a special moment than we had anticipated and these are certainly photographs that they will cherish for years to come! Stay a while and see her parents and the love they have for Melissa and for each other in a few of the many beautiful photographs we were able to capture!

These were taken as a special gift to her parents for being amazingly awesome, strong, loving, and geniunely great people. Now we know where Melissa gets it all from!

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  • Thank you Stephanie for doing such an amazing job! We couldn’t be happier with your beautiful pictures. And also big thanks for your understanding and flexibility that day, it makes me very happy with our decision to work with you!