Teaming Up with Fitness by Friday – for my Brides to be!

Introducing a good friend of mine – Brandi Friday from Fitness by Friday. She offers in home personal training and wellness consultations to anyone in the Richmond area! Please send her some love!


Getting Fit for the Big Day from FITNESS BY FRIDAY
I recently read a statistic that said over 80 percent of brides and half of their wedding party will make changes in the way they eat or their exercise habits leading up to the big day. Fitting into the perfect dress is stressful enough, but having everyone’s eyes focused on you is a cause for most brides to schedule hours of exercise at the gym or go on the latest fad diet. Can you relate?! Rather than just diving in and entering the “all or nothing” mode, give yourself enough time to get into a new workout routine. Depending on your current fitness level, you may need to give yourself anywhere from 12 weeks all the way up to 6 months to reach your desired goal. Take some time looking at different types of workout plans and read up on nutrition. Think about the type of dress you want to wear and take into account what you think your body’s trouble zones are. Also, think of your own physical capabilities and what your schedule will let you realistically do. Not only will you be sculpting a leaner body, you will be keeping stress at bay. Less stress!! Researching online is a good way to find great workout plans and the latest information on nutrition. Remember, you have to eat! So drastically cutting calories will not get you safely to your goal! Eating more whole foods and less processed foods certainly will. You could take advantage of hiring a personal training for individualized fitness sessions or join a group exercise class. There are many classes that are set up especially for brides and offer challenging workouts as well as camaraderie. Keep in mind, the average women can safely lose 4-8lbs. per month, so give yourself plenty of time to reach your goal. But don’t just focus on the size you want to be and fitting into your dream dress; focus on the long-term outcome of better health. Your new goal to get healthy and fit should extend beyond the big day! Don’t put away your sneakers and yoga pants when you return from your honeymoon. Keep it up girl! You worked really hard towards your wedding day; don’t sabotage it by falling into your old routine after the wedding. Good health is a lifelong commitment. Say “I do” to a healthy lifestyle!



Exercise to fight bra bulge (the extra flab on your upper back where your bra strap sits):
Overhead Dumbbell Press- Position dumbbells to each side of shoulders with elbows below wrists. Press dumbbells upward until arms are extended overhead. Lower to sides of shoulders and repeat.