Stephanie and Brian are engaged!

I met Stephanie at the Richmond Bridal Showcase and we hit it off instantly, even though she was feeling overwhelmed with information and tired from a long day of meeting new vendors we were able to get off topic and talk about our shared love of scrapbooking, her sweet proposal story, and learn a little more about each other. I was so excited to have had the chance to chat with her that I even forgot to write her information down! I got home from the show and could’ve slapped myself for missing my chance to get back in touch with Stephanie! But, the very next day she emailed me saying she wanted to meet in person and have her fiance there as well and I couldn’t have been happier! I knew that we would be a perfect fit as photographer and client and I was so excited to meet her other half that had so carefully planned such an amazing proposal!

Stephanie and Brian met in high school but their first date didn’t go well! They ended up deciding friends would be a better title for them and they were friends throughout the rest of high school and in college. In their sophomore year they decided to revisit the dating idea and apparently it worked out well! 😉 They have been engaged for 5 years and are tying the knot in October 2014!


When he decided to propose he first asked for her dad’s permission! Her family only knew a few hours before Stephanie did so that they could help pull off the surprise! They were supposed to line candles all the way down the dock of the family’s beach house in North Caroline but it was a very windy night and by the time they had lit one the candle before it had blown out! They were stressed to pull it all off like he was expecting. Stephanie and Brian were at dinner and were supposed to come home to a candle lined dock! They were able to light a few and then run back to the house before they came home! Brian got down on one knee and the whole family watched anxiously from the house until Stephanie said YES!

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The proposal was epic! The whole family was in on the secret except for Stephanie who had no idea what was coming! What a clever guy!


Stephanie and Brian will be getting married at Amber Grove in a large barn surrounded by family and friends to help them celebrate the event! Isn’t she just gorgeous in this picture?

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I can’t wait for Stephanie and Brian’s wedding at …. in ….. 2014. It is going to be such a beautiful day and her family is amazing! I’m sure his family will be just as welcoming and sweet. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and see them become a family as one!

Here’s a few more beauties from their engagement session in Downtown Richmond!



I had such a great time with them walking around downtown and seeing some places they hadn’t been before! =) Thanks for trusting me to choose a perfect spot for your “city” engagement pictures and for choosing me to be your photographer! I can’t wait!