Secor Family

Jamie and my husband used to work together about 10 years ago in the Insurance field. After going out with her a few times, we also became very close friends. We moved to the other side of town about the same time and kept up with each other’s lives! Then within a month of each other, found out we were expecting our first children! Jamie, Rod, my husband, and I all went through the birthing classes together causing trouble and often almost being asked to leave for causing a ruckus telling jokes and laughing at the imagery shown in the classes! It was great times! We have also been on vacations together and had tons of fun. I am hoping we get to do more of that in the future with our children together again. Rod, being in the military, unfortunately had to move the family to Texas where he was stationed for a while. Then the family moved to Alabama where I finally got to go a visit. They have made some awesome friends there and live a a beautiful house. As much as I do miss them, it was good to see them so happy and having so much fun in their new neighborhood. Tyler is about the most handsome 6 year old I’ve ever met! Thank you Jamie, Rod, Tyler, and Miley for your hospitality and letting me capture a little of your families memories in my camera! See you soon!