Ryan and Julie Clingman Wedding – Sept 13, 2014 – Clover Forest Plantation – Goochland, Va

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Ryan is a Biomedical engineer.  While he was studying for his master’s degree, his advisor was also a teacher for the physical therapy students who had gotten Ryan to take one of his classes, where he met Julie.

They started talking during our breaks in class and there was a pretty instant attraction between the two of them but we were both shy about it.  It took a while for Ryan to get the courage to ask her out but their first date was a bit amusing as neither one of them realized they were on a date (although both of them wanted to be).  Ryan was shy and not as forward as Julie, but he was trying to be a gentleman. In addition Julie’s dad had recently passed and he didn’t want to push anything.  On Thanksgiving, Julie joined Ryan’s family for dinner as she was unable to fly home.  His family convinced him to take her to see his 3D printer and they spent the evening talking and it lead up to her sitting on the sofa next to him and bluntly telling him “you know I like you, right?” He responded with a, “Yes.” She asked if he liked her too, which he again responded, “Yes.” So she then asked him what he wanted to do about it.  Now, for the past 2 and a half years, they have been inseparable from each other and he is her best friend and companion. 

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For the proposal, Ryan took her out to Lewis Ginter because of her love for the gardens.  After having his sister get a camera with a long-distance lens set up in advance, he walked her out to the little pond by the Japanese garden and proposed to her.  She then promptly screamed yes and tackled him.  After a couple of minutes his sister had to yell over to stop kissing and actually put the ring on her finger.


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Julie and Ryan are both into gardening, kayaking, games, Firefly, running, and science. Julie’s favorite thing about Ryan is his optimism.  Ryan loves all the little things about Julie and you can see it every time he looks at her!



Julie and Ryan hope to visit many places as they spend their lives together. A few of those are the rainforest, Serengeti, Tuscany, Rome, and the Caribbean. They also hope to have a trip to Italy in a few years.


Ryan and Julie first bonded while talking about the show Firefly, so their mom created these amazing cake toppers based off of the show. They were exquisitely detailed. AMAZING! I’m a sucker for personal details – especially when they are homemade by family. Julie and her mom also made all the decorations for the ceremony which included HUGE paper flowers and paper flower strands with wedding colors. They were all placed on big wire swirls. It made such a beautiful backdrop for their wedding nuptials. Julie’s aunt made the small pies that were placed around the cake.

Julie baked the cake herself as she has informed me she’s a “cake snob” and would want nothing but her own homemade cake at her wedding. I have to say it was by far one of the best I’ve had! (And I’ve eaten my fair share of wedding cakes!) Her mom also decorated the icing and flowers on the cake.


On each table there were “Fun Facts” about the couple, engagements and the history of them, and many other historical fun facts about marriage and weddings. Each was so interesting and kept the guests talking about the different things they had learned!


Need a cool treat after all that dancing to Backstreet Boys and NSync? Well, Julie and Ryan had homemade popsicles as their cool treat! What an awesome way to cool off and keep the party going! Since Julie at one point was on track to join Cirque Du Soleil and it was a big part of her training as a gymnast, they gave away juggling balls. Although Julie knew almost every circus trick, she never did learn to juggle! Johnathan Austin (a Richmond legend in magic and juggling) was there to entertain us with his card, magic, and juggling skills throughout the cocktail hour and into the reception!


Big Thanks to all the Vendors that help to make this day a success!

Dress: Designer and Place of purchase: Church Street Bridal, Lynchburg VA – – 626 Church St., Lynchburg VA 24054

Designer Monique Lhullier

Florist: Vogue Flowers DIY – 1114 N Boulevard, Richmond VA 23220

Ceremony and Reception Venue:

Wedding Planner / Coordinator: Melissa at Clover Forest Plantation

DJ/ Entertainment Services: DJ Dave Rave Djdaverave/DJDaveRave/Intro.html


Cake: Self 

Catering: Clover Forest Plantation 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Photography: Hoot Media Photography

Groomsmen and Groom attire: Mens Wearhouse

Invitations: Self


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