Ryan and Julie are engaged! Bryan Park engagement session!

Ryan is a Biomedical engineer.  While he was studying for his master’s degree, his advisor was also a teacher for the physical therapy students who had gotten Ryan to take one of his classes, where he met Julie.

They started talking during our breaks in class and there was a pretty instant attraction between the two of them but we were both shy about it.  It took a while for Ryan to get the courage to ask her out but their first date was a bit amusing as neither one of them realized they were on a date (although both of them wanted to be).  Ryan was shy and not as forward as Julie, but he was trying to be a gentleman. In addition Julie’s dad had recently passed and he didn’t want to push anything.  On Thanksgiving, Julie joined Ryan’s family for dinner as she was unable to fly home.  His family convinced him to take her to see his 3D printer and they spent the evening talking and it lead up to her sitting on the sofa next to him and bluntly telling him “you know I like you, right?” He responded with a, “Yes.” She asked if he liked her too, which he again responded, “Yes.” So she then asked him what he wanted to do about it.  Now, for the past 2 and a half years, they have been inseparable from each other and they are each other’s best friend and companion. Their love is infectious and you can see that its evident in EVERY picture taken at the session. Here are just a few of the many we got while spending a little time at Bryan Park this spring!

ryan.julieblog1 ryan.julieblog2 ryan.julieblog3 ryan.julieblog4 ryan.julieblog5 ryan.julieblog6 ryan.julieblog7 ryan.julieblog8.1 ryan.julieblog8

For the proposal, Ryan took Julie out to Lewis Ginter because of her love for the gardens.  After having his sister get a camera with a long-distance lens set up in advance, he walked her out to the little pond by the Japanese garden and proposed to her.  She then promptly screamed yes and tackled him.  After a couple of minutes his sister had to yell over to stop kissing and actually put the ring on her finger.

ryan.julieblog9 ryan.julieblog10 ryan.julieblog11 ryan.julieblog12

Ryan and Julie enjoy gardening, kayaking, games, Firefly, running, and  science in their downtime.

When asked to name their favorite trait about each other Julie said  she loves Ryan’s optimism. Ryan said it isn’t just one thing, it’s all of the little things that make Julie amazing.

ryan.julieblog13 ryan.julieblog14 ryan.julieblog15

I can’t wait until their September wedding! =) It’s going to be full of love and fun!



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