Robert and Amanda are engaged!






I have known Amanda since she was in 8th grade because I was a teacher at the time and her older sister was in my class at Highland Springs High School. Amanda then came to me as a ninth grader and we were kinda inseparable. She was every teacher’s favorite but especially mine. I worked with her on lots of things in and out of school and eventually she graduated and moved on! We have definitely kept in touch ever since and I consider her to be like my fourth child! She babysat my children for many of her high school years and it was so great to have someone I could really trust to watch my babies and to be able to see her grow into the young woman that she is has just been a joy. Amanda is the kindest, friendliest, sweetest person you could meet and I can’t begin to tell you the happiness I wish for her in this lifetime! When I met Robert I was so excited to see that he saw in Amanda all the beauty and wonderfulness (is that even a word?) that I did and I knew from that moment they were meant to be! I love the way he looks at her and gives her little kisses on the top of her head when no one is looking.. So happy they have found each other and can’t wait to be at their wedding!

Read a little more about their beginning love story here and see some of their Brown’s Island engagement session below!

Amanda and Robert met at a birthday party in June of 2008, the day before Amanda graduated from high school! They spent the next week hanging out and getting to know each other at her sister’s house while she was visiting. Afterwards she made up silly reasons to have to text him and that’s how they really got to know each other. Their first date hadn’t really intended to be a “date” but they went to an Indy Race at RIR. On 4th of July that year she asked her mom if they could go to the fireworks together at Sunday Park at Brandermill. They were walking back from the fireworks in the dark and he grabbed her hand and held it all the way back to the house. Within a month he told her that he loved her! This past May Amanda started packing up her things from her apartment where she lived with a friend and they were going to move in together. The night of June 1st she found a ring box and started asking him what it was and he played dumb and said he didn’t know anymore than she did because she had just found it.

She kept asking him if it was the kind of ring she thought it was and he said if she promised to be with him forever then, yes, it was that kind of ring. She started crying out of happiness! Then they found out the ring didn’t fit so she had to send it back to be re-sized! They moved in together two weeks later and then July 5th of this year they celebrated 5 years together! They will be getting married January 10, 2015!