Nikki and Tyler Maternity

Nikki was one of my students at Highland Springs High School in the early 2000’s and now she’s starting a family of her own! Recently married to Tyler Walker they are expecting their first baby boy in the next month and a half! So happy for both of them and it’s surely gonna be a cute little boy with the genes he’s starting with!

Nikki and Tyler were so sweet to meet me at Armour House and Gardens which has some fun little spots for pictures all around the property. This house has some great history and has become part of then Henrico County Parks Association. Built by Edmund Christian in 1915, this house rests on the site from where Confederate General Robert E. Lee observed the beginnings of the Seven Day’s Battle from the bluff at Meadowview.

Please enjoy celebrating all the lovely momminess that Nikki embodies in these images! Can’t wait to meet little TJ (Tyler Jr.).

Love to you all!

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