LeAnn and John Nebelsick – 25th Anniversary

I met LeAnn through a friend when I was visiting with her in Alabama. We all went together on a scrapbooking retreat at Grand Oak Retreat. It was such a fun weekend and LeAnn and I shared a lot of time talking together during our 4 days there. When I told her I was a photographer she asked if I would take a few pictures of she and her husband because they had just celebrated 25 years of marriage! What an accomplishment and a great thing to commemorate with photos! She and her husband have a strong passion for Alabama football and love cruising around in their Corvette. It was lovely to get to meet him after spending so much time learning about her, I can see why they have been able to stay married so successfully all this time! They are both wonderful people and still madly in love and they laugh together often! They have a great respect for one another and their family photos on the walls of their home show they’ve built an amazing life together! Congratulations to you LeAnn and John for your 25 year celebration, here’s to 25 more!