Meet The Team

Thanks for stopping by Hoot Media Photography we can't wait to meet you! This is our fourth year full-time as Hoot Media and we are based out of our studio in Downtown Richmond. We shoot almost anything but we have the strongest passion for families and weddings! We want to keep things easy, relaxed, and fun. You will be completely comfortable in front of the camera and eventually even forget we are there! We LOVE becoming your lifetime photographer starting with the engagement, the wedding, and moving on later to family and special events. Your photos are not about us or our ‘art;’ your life is art and we would like to be the ones to capture it. We want to create photographs that not only catch the most meaningful moments, but that will also tell a story that you will treasure forever. Authenticity is important. We want you to be yourselves (with some extra awesome magic mixed in!).


Stephanie Slatner


Hi I’m Stephanie. I am a mother of three beautiful, personality filled lunatics (I mean children) and a wife of an awesome supportive husband. I was formerly a teacher and began Hoot Media as the owner full time 4 years ago. I have a Masters Degree in Education from VCU and still love teaching – but now it’s photography workshops rather than art and photojournalism. I love making people feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy together in their photos whether that be a family of 8 or a beautiful couple on their wedding day. In my photography, I look ahead. I see what you WANT to see and I make that happen. I know you and learn about you and want to see things through your eyes so it’s easy for me to be in that moment WITH you not just taking the pictures of it. I think you could ask any of my past clients and the two words that would be a common theme would be fun and relaxed. That’s how all photo shoots, all weddings, all boudoir sessions, that’s how LIFE should be. Actually you can probably read that right in my reviews! I also love the color yellow – mustardy, sunshiny yellow it makes me think of jumping, giggling children and that look you and your spouse give each other when there’s just nothing but awe inspiring love – even through the not so perfect times. But as much as I love yellow – sunflowers are not my favorite flower – I like tulips, purple ones. I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark iii and use almost exclusively prime Canon L series lenses. I also bring 3 back-up cameras and often shoot with two at weddings so that I'll always catch every shot! I always say go big or go home – so I buy the best! OF course there’s work and time to really buckle down but at the end of the day your life should be fun and relaxed and awesome.


Jess Stafford

Jess is a regular at our office as she handles all of the day to day print orders, mailings, and other commercial shoot backend work! She also is an assistant at shoots and weddings often! She has become an integral part of the Hoot Media team and has been such a helpful asset with her amazing organizational skills and her creative ideas! We have been friends for almost 15 years now and I don't see it ever changing! Of course it helps that our kids LOVE each other just like brothers and sisters so we get to see each other in our downtime too!

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