Mark and Patrick Anniversary Session – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


This was shot at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond Virginia.

I first met Mark and Patrick through friends of ours at a party they were hosting at their house. The connection and love for each other was very obvious right away! I was also blown away by their sarcasm and quick wit! I knew that these are two people that I would be hoping to see more of!

Mark and Patrick met through online personals.What drew Mark to Patrick first was that adorable face! Then when they met and he learned how smart and awesome he is, he was hooked. Their first date was just easy and comfortable. They were planning the next one before they even left.They’ve been together since January 2002.They love to travel together, especially cruises. They get along really well, and often finish each other’s sentences (they call it “sharing a brain”).

Please enjoy a few from their love session at Virginia Museum – another place they spend a lot of time together and with friends!

markpatrick1 markpartrick6 markpatrick7 markpatrick4 markpatrick3 markpatrick2


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