Kristina and Matt – Day After Session

Kristina actually contacted me in rather a panic about her original wedding photographer and asked it I was available on her date which was approaching quickly. I was not available but did offer my associate photographer would be able to shoot the wedding if she really needed someone.  The concern was that she was scheduled to meet with her hired photographer that evening for their engagement shoot and had not heard anything from him despite her attempts at contacting him and was unsure if he would even show. I reassured her that she should consider at least showing up at the date and time they had agreed to meet to give him the chance to make things right and suggested that she make sure he knows that he’s going to need to be a little more “hands on” so that she doesn’t feel this stress on the day of her wedding. She had already given this photographer a deposit and had written and contract so I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes!

Well, she did go with Matt to the engagement session, the photographer did come and he did a “good” job as stated by Kristina who emailed me the next day to let me know how things were going. She decided to stay with her original photographer due to the deposit and the wedding day went as planned. Though she was not completely unhappy with the images, this photographer did shoot her wedding as promised and delivered the images within a reasonable amount of time.

When Kristina did get the images back , I got another email from her stating this,

“Well as it turns out he only took 3 pictures of me and Matt together alone. 1 head on 1 kissing and 1 side by side. I guess in the whole of things, all the group pictures and everything we didn’t even notice at the time. He never told people to look at him so most of the pictures are of people (including me) looking down at their feet since they were walking through a field. I really wanted a picture of me and Matt in front of the barn which I told him but we didn’t get that shot, and the rings he didn’t get any pictures of the rings!! So I would like a picture of our rings, maybe us fake dancing, and then just some of the two of us throughout the property, I don’t know if you have certain shots that you just do a norm anything will be more than we have. “

which devastated me! I hate hearing when people have a bad experience with their wedding photographer and I was determined to make this day right for her so that she and Matt would have pictures she’d be happy to show her family, friends, and eventually their children.

So, we scheduled a day after session and Brittany Williams with Beauty by Brittany did an amazing job on her hair and makeup for the shoot. Kristina said she looked even better than she did on the day of her wedding!

We had an awesome time shooting all around the property in New Kent and it was pretty fun to not have the pressures of the time crunch during a wedding so we got to play a little more than usual! We also got to get some sitting down in the grass shots and other fun things which I might not always do the day of a wedding!

Enjoy seeing their very successful day after shoot and consider doing one of your own! Even if you were married years ago it’s always fun to revisit that wedding dress and that special day!

Thanks for taking the time to look!