Katie and George’s Richmond Belle Isle VMFA Engagement Photography Session

So, I was actually coming home from a long girl’s weekend that I do every year with some close friends of mine in Alabama and had to fly with a layover in Atlanta. I was unfortunately waiting for a VERY delayed plane so I figured I’d get my laptop out and edit a wedding I had shot the weekend prior! While working, Katie’s mom and dad happened to sit across from me and starting talking about wedding plans, meeting with venues, and making lists of things they still needed to get together to make the day perfect! They mentioned the Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing and I couldn’t help myself but to butt in! I was actually working on editing Jessica and Jamie’s wedding from that exact location and was dying to show the images to them to tell them more about the location they were thinking of visiting later on that week! (Of course I also shamelessly plugged my own photography company but when they told me the date they were planning I was already booked! Boo!) I was still thrilled to chat with them and share some ideas on different venues that met their requirements in Richmond that I had shot before! I also sent Katie’s mom a few emailed images that she could show Katie to help compare venues. I didn’t know at the time that they’d end up changing the date and as fate would have it I’d be available to shoot her wedding after all!

Katie and George met through school in Chapel Hill and he’s in Med School there now! They came back for a weekend visit last weekend and we were able to squeeze in an engagement shoot in their busy schedule! They did a fantastic job relaxing in front of the camera and letting their fun, quiet love show through the images! I can’t wait to work with them again on their wedding day in November it’s going to be a beautiful day!

Enjoy a little snippet of their images from our Belle Isle and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts engagement session!



Venturing out on the rocks is always a fun experience and I usually step into mud somewhere along the way but since I was holding Katie’s purse while shooting I was able to be a little more surefooted than usual! =) The light was gorgeous that afternoon!blog7


I’m kind of a sucker for a bridge and love the way it looks in pictures. I loved also their more comfortable interactions in these shots when they were in action just walking together and looking at each other!



How cool is this little tree! Loved how it bent over the path and created this space to frame them.


After our visit to Belle Isle, we scooted over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts because they had these fancy outfits to put on and they deserved a little more upscale backdrop and although the museum was already closed by the time we got there it makes for some fantastic imagery! I also am still swooning over the magical golden hour light we had during this portion of the session!


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