Just a little from home (personal)

Snow days in the Slatner house don’t consist of much snow (or maybe in all of Richmond for that matter)! With only a few inches we were out of school for 4 days and Monday of that week being a holiday we ended up with an entire unexpected week off.

This morning is another snow day so I’m taking this time to blog the photos taken last week. Since I can’t convince anyone to go into it today, apparently snow is so last week… we instead are baking and playing with baby dolls and puppies.

On weeks like these I am MOST thankful that I run my own company and can work “when I want to” and I can push things back if need be. The downfall to this is you never really leave work either since the harder you work the more successful you can become. So, sometimes taking time off is hard on me mentally because I never want to stop moving my business forward but I made a conscious effort to enjoy and revel in this time off and really hang out doing absolutely as little as possible with my children while I had the chance!

Now as most moms know, it’s totally impossible to do nothing when you have three kids you’re always making food, pouring another milk, cleaning up a spilled milk, putting away toys, making up games, worrying about dinner, pretending to be a butterfly, carving cardboard boxes into robot costumes, and gosh knows what else! But this “time off” was quite enjoyable.

We only made it out into the snow for a short time and Lindsey (my youngest in the rainbow jacket) never did quite make it out into the snow! She was NOT a fan.

Enjoy just a teensy glimpse into our 20 minutes out in the front yard snowmageddon of 2014. <3




Isaac stayed out the longest with a very inventive way to clean the snow off the cars!   I think he lasted a solid 20 minutes before he realized his hands were pretty much frozen. Who would’ve known that the dump truck – his favorite toy from this past summer – would be even more fun in the snow!eatingshow blog5



Lindsey went from maybe I’ll go – go ahead and gear me up, to hmm.. I do NOT like snow momma… to PICK ME UP MOMMA I wanna go back in! Haha. Oh well – we tried! Maybe next time!