Holy Macro – Spiders

So I’ve committed to blogging twice a week, once about my family and once about something photography related. So I had to think lots about how I would fit this in my already crazy schedule and somehow make it “me” so that people can get to know a little more about me and my personality.

Then I was riding in the car (all by myself I might add – this doesn’t happen very often) on 95 I almost got side swiped by someone not paying attention and eating a huge messy hamburger and my first thing out of my mouth was HOLY MAC – which I say often. So, thankfully, I made it through that incident unscathed but in shouting my pseudo expletive I started to form my blogging idea. Bare with me… it’s coming! 😉

I LOVE puns. I do – and I love word play. So while thinking I came up with the title “Holy Macro.”

For those of you that aren’t photography loony bins like me, a macro lens is essentially a lens that lets you take super detailed pictures of stuff really close up. (Like those amazing ring shots you always see at weddings.)  So I have one of those lenses… mostly for weddings…. but it cost me quite a pretty penny AND it is SO fun to use I thought if I can build a weekly blog post that forces (or gives me the excuse) to use that every week to take pictures of tiny stuff that would be awesome, easy, and fun.

Ok, so what does this have to do with taking pictures of families and weddings you ask? Well two things – first wedding require lots of macro images to capture all the details and this lets me get my practice in and actually use it for something. Secondly, this blog series goes PERFECTLY with my branding, my view on life, everything. The most important things in life are often so tiny you almost miss them and those are the moments, images, events, seconds I love capturing in my lens to share with you. That second after everyone else puts down their camera there something special that takes place – people act naturally – and I LOVE it.  I also love tiny things – babies, spiders, fingernails, hair wisps, eyelashes, you name it.

**For everyone who is freaking out right now about my grammar – I type like I speak – so … get used it it! – oh a be prepared to be really freaked out by these first “Holy Macro” images! **


Ok – so in the spirit of the macro series I am sharing with you my newest family members/findings from my back yard!! It’s the COOLEST!!! Apparently it is a Yellow Garden Orb Weaver egg sac!

Here are some other interesting facts about the Garden Orb Spider:

Physical Characteristics

Covered with short silvery hair
Large bulbous abdomen
Covered in bright yellow or orange on black markings
Black with yellow or red/orange bands near body
Male: 5-9mm (1/4-3/8 inches)
Female: 19-28mm (3/4–1 1/8 inches

Webs are found in shrubbery, gardens, meadows, flower patches, usually sites that are sunny with little wind. The spiders themselves are most often at rest upside-down in the center of the web.

Most locations in the U.S. and Canada
Web Type:
Spiraling flat orb with zig-zag band of white silk called stabilimentum vertically across the center.

Fun Fact:
Orb weavers re-create their web every night using only their sense of touch . You can generally tell how well fed the spider is by the thickness of the stabilimentum, as the silk is energetically expensive and hungry spiders are less likely to produce it.

Enjoy these images and stay tuned! Hoping to catch the babies coming out!!


Owner and Photographer Hoot Media Photography

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