Holy Macro – She’s 7!

Today’s Holy Macro moment is brought to you by my 7 year old Caroline.  



Not often do we get to spend time together – just the two of us – where I’m not working and she’s not busy with something else! This week I had a maternity session at an adorable local spot I’ve been using for sessions and I took a little time out to photograph all the cuteness that is my little lady. When she came into the world & 7 years and 5 months ago tomorrow, we were scared, ready, anxious, worried, overjoyed, and altogether freaked out!! OUR OWN HUMAN that WE, just my husband and I, had to keep alive and safe and happy all on our own. What a huge adjustment. I have always, always been around babies and have been babysitting for as long as I can remember, so I felt pretty confident in my baby abilities. But, having your own is a completely different ball game from caring for someone else’s tiny humans.















From sleeping in to sleepless nights – and I don’t mean like awww… only 4 hours between feedings… I mean sleepLESS nights with crying (usually both of us) and hard, hard times. I used to have to turn the light on at night so I could see her face to remember why this was all worth it, even though every book tells you keep the lights off and keep things quiet to keep them calm. This baby loved lights and dancing, talking and noise, she liked being curled up under my chin and fit so perfectly there I truly didn’t ever put her down. Plus, the screaming – maybe that was the other reason I never put her down. We learned about 6 weeks in that she had Acid Reflux – which apparently is a pretty common thing. We just thought we had a defective baby! Once the constant discomfort and projectile vomiting was under control with the miracle drug from the doctors, I’m pretty sure we actually all slept, for days. 





















Time went by, she became more and more vivacious and obsessed with lighting while dancing and singing performances filled our evenings. She is so full of life and fun she’s usually the life of the party and EVERYONE knows my sweet Caroline. But in my eyes, even at her ripe old age of seven, she’s still my sweet little screaming, vomiting angel! Haha!












So here’s a little of her – age 7 and almost a half – she loves reading, singing, music, her sweetness towards her brother and sister is unmatchable, and she’s about the brightest, shiniest, sparkliest little thing you’ll ever meet. With her newly pierced ears, her sassy style, and her beautiful face!

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