Danielle and Craig’s Downtown Richmond, Va Canal Walk and Murals Engagement Session

I met Craig and Danielle at a local coffee shop Buzzy’s Beanery on Saturday morning to hear more about their wedding and talk to them about what I offer and why I love what I do! They booked that day the table because after a bridal show – popular dates go quickly! I was so happy to have them as my wedding clients because they just seem to fit so well together and all our priorities about life just perfectly lined up!

Craig and Danielle met at work when she was working at the woman’s prison. She had just started working there and Craig was actually training her at that moment. She had begun to wonder why he was asking her so many questions that were NOT work related (lol). As time went on they began to speak to each other casually at work. 



Once she finished with training she begin to work on night shift and Craig stayed on his original shift, which was day shift. It was on her birthday (October 22) that morning when she was getting off of work and Craig shift had just started, he stopped her and said “hey wait up, I have something for you”. To her surprise she began to wonder what he had because at that point they had not exactly exchanged numbers. When he came back out it was a birthday bag filled with all her favorite chocolates! He knew what kind of candy she liked from when he was training her and asking her all those questions that had nothing to do with work, LOL. After a few days later they exchanged numbers and had begun to date. Since then they have been together for 3 years now!!

Danielle says, “Craig is such a caring man and will do anything he can to help anyone out. He always has a little surprise up his sleeve :=).” They absolutely love to travel together. A romantic evening for them can sometimes just be laying around in PJs snacking on chips and eating anything unhealthy, while we flip through the channels on TV. You can also find them at any free event that is held around the RVA in the summer months. You can catch them in the summertime on a beautiful sunny day just riding out with nowhere to go just sightseeing listen to music!!! They just love to be outdoors enjoying the sunny weather and whatever atmosphere. One thing about them is that they love to be around other people just relaxing and having a good ole time (which is why we get along so well!). 



Craig proposed on her 27th Birthday (since day one he has always done something special for her on her birthday). Earlier that day Danielle had gone to work just for a half day and Craig was actually off. Before she had got off work that morning Craig had surprised her at work by coming and delivering her flowers. After she was off and arrived at his apartment he told her that he was going to treat her to manicure or a pedicure. After she chose pedicure he said, “No, I’m going to get your nails done”. She got a little upset because why would he ask if the choice was already made up? So, after she was done with the manicure they returned to his apartment where he had begun to go upstairs to get his things ready for his class. When he came back down stairs she was sitting on the couch. Craig than began to walk over to the couch where she was sitting and stood in front of her while she was watching TV.  She said, “Craig watch out cause I can’t see.” He then reached for her hands and pulled her up off the couch. Once she was standing up he got on one knee and proposed!!! :=)



They just love to travel together, love visiting other states, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOING ON CRUISES!!!! They both work in the Criminal Justice field and love what we do!! 


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When I asked Danielle what he loves most about Craig she said, “They say you can tell a lot about a person just by their eyes, and Craig has amazing eyes that I just love! When I look into his eyes I feel so secure and I can truly see he really do care and love me. I love Craig’s height as well! He stands tall at 6’5 and I just love standing on my tippy toes to kiss him!”

What Craig loves most about Danielle is that, “She pushes me to be the best person I can be. She pushes me in ways that I sometimes don’t push myself. We actually push each other to be the best “us”. She sees a lot in me and I truly am a lucky guy. Oh and he loves Danielle’s lips (seriously who wouldn’t!).”