Courtney and Greg’s Wedding – Military Red, White, and Black – Berkeley Plantation

I met Courtney after first meeting her beautiful Grandmother who has cared for both of my younger children every weekday for the past 4 years! They are a god-send and I don’t know that I could have trusted my newborns to anyone else! I am so thankful to have met and become an extended member of this loving, happy, and fun family. Dorothy recommended to Courtney to use Hoot Media for her wedding photography and I was honored to do so!


Courtney loves shopping, baking, bright colors, and zebra. So the details of her accessories and her dress definitely showed this fun, perky personality.Her red shoes were GORGEOUS! And the little clips with sparkles were made by her Grandmother Darlene! I’m pretty sure she could go into business for herself making those! The wedding colors were chosen to subtly represent Greg’s love of sports and his favorite team which wears red and black.  Greg is a Marine that loves watching and playing basketball. His favorite teams are the Miami Heat, the Bulls, the Packers, and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Courtney’s brother Reid joined the Marines to serve our country and create a career for himself. Little did he know that joining this group would allow him to meet guys that would eventually become his “brothers.” Over the years of being in the Marines he has brought home many, many friends but there was one special guy that Courtney just couldn’t keep her eyes off of! Greg came home with Courtney’s brother for Christmas one year and almost immediately became a part of the family. He would visit every weekend with Reid. Courtney and Greg got closer and closer and their friendship eventually turned into more. When you are around them you can certainly understand and see the fun, vivacious, and funny love they share. They are both jokers but Greg is definitely known to do some wild and crazy things.

Greg asked Courtney to marry him while they were walking on the beach at Myrtle Beach on a family trip and she very enthusiastically said yes!




I always make it a point to work out a timeline with my brides and grooms before the wedding day so we are able to systematically capture all the group shots they want in a short period of time for two reasons; 1. to allow them more time to enjoy their wedding and 2: to allow us time to fit in some bride and groom portraits because the day of they don’t seem super important but brides and grooms and their families will treasure those beautiful images for years to come! For Courtney and Greg’s wedding family was of utmost importance and the list of pictures was longer than most but we were able to get them all in and they look awesome. We have share just a few of them here! These are family portraits that everyone at the wedding will be able to treasure for a long time.





This wedding was a labor of love for the whole family who all contributed in some way to make it a super special day for Courtney and Greg. Courtney’s Grandmother Darlene, who has worked for The Jefferson Hotel longer than anyone else still employed there (over 29 years), gave them the treat of being able to spend the night in one of the beautiful rooms of the hotel. She also made delicious cheesecakes with several topping choices to share as part of the dessert at the reception. There was also a really cool pineapple tree that can be seen in a few of these photos for the fruit display. We watched them setting this up and it was so quick I couldn’t believe it – I think it turned out really awesome and such a unique thing to have at your wedding! Quite a centerpiece! Greg’s family traveled all the way from Missouri to come to the wedding. Darlene also made the beautiful wedding cake featured in the images below. At the last minute all of the icing had fallen off – but you’d NEVER know – she quickly was able to fix that! Whew! Thank goodness for crafty women! 😉


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The cake topper was custom ordered and it really looks JUST like them! They’re so pretty they could be on a cake!

The couple played a really unique wedding reception game called “The Shoe Game.” It was hilarious to watch and had the crowd really entertained. The faces Courtney and Greg made and the answers to some of the questions really kept everyone laughing!

It was such a pleasure being a part of their day and being able to capture the love this family and their extended family of Marines all share for each other. These two certainly are starting out a life together with a strong family to back them. I wish them all the best and LOTS of red haired beautiful children (that I will hopefully get to photograph!). Love to you Courtney and Greg!

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