Cassidy’s Senior Session – Madison, Alabama

I met Cassidy’s mom through a friend that invited me on a scrapbooking retreat in Alabama a few years ago! We instantly hit it off and she had so many stories to share about her adorable family – especially her sweet Cassidy! I couldn’t wait to meet her and was so honored when I came back the next year and Mary (Cassidy’s mom) wanted ME to shoot Cassidy’s senior session. Mary said she couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather have do it! So I got an earlier flight and went on down there to shoot her session! It was such a beautiful afternoon – and we were thankful for good weather! Out of town shoots are always tricky if the weather is bad!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Cassidy’s Senior session!

cassidy.senior-1 (Custom)cassidy.senior-3 (Custom)cassidy.senior-6 (Custom)cassidy.senior-10 (Custom)cassidy.senior-12 (Custom)cassidy.senior-16 (Custom)
cassidy.senior-34 (Custom)cassidy.senior-36 (Custom)cassidy.senior-38 (Custom)cassidy.senior-39 (Custom)cassidy.senior-42 (Custom)cassidy.senior-43 (Custom)cassidy.senior-46 (Custom)cassidy.senior-47 (Custom)cassidy.senior-52 (Custom)cassidy.senior-53 (Custom)cassidy.senior-54 (Custom)cassidy.senior-55 (Custom)cassidy.senior-56 (Custom)cassidy.senior-57 (Custom)cassidy.senior-58 (Custom)cassidy.senior-59 (Custom)cassidy.senior-60 (Custom)cassidy.senior-62 (Custom)cassidy.senior-70 (Custom)


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