Being in FRONT of the Camera – It’s ME!

So being in front of the camera is not my favorite place to be… which is probably why photography was a natural fit for me! I do enjoy though, when I get pictures back that I like that I feel really show my personality!

I am co-founder of a Richmond Photography group with an amazing local photographer Don Mears and we meet once a month and talk and learn from each other as a community of photographers from all over Richmond and surrounding counties/cities. It’s been so fun and inspirational meeting all these other professionals in the field and we really have a great time.20150401-MOP_9486

Amidst all the learning (and sometimes bar visiting) we shared a day during the week where we did a headshot swap. We took each other’s pictures and not only did we end up with some awesome images – we also learned A LOT from each other. Everyone’s style is so different and it’s so fun to see how 5 photographers shoot 5 different ways with the same subject in front of them. It is truly an art and it’s something you should always look for a match in when hiring a photographer. We all have difference skills and goals with our photography!

Here are a few of my images from the swap! Thanks so Sarah Kane Photography, Mary Otanez Photography, and Dimples and Cheeks Photography for these images! And  20150401-MOP_9609

BIG thanks as ALWAYS to my hair and makeup guru Brittany Williams! Check her out Beauty by Brittany – she’s in Mechanicsville and FABULOUS!




20150401-MOP_9649 20150401-MOP_9656


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