Amanda and Ben’s Wedding – Waynesboro, Va – Country Club and St. John’s Episcopal Church


Ben and Amanda met over Labor Day weekend in 2010 – through their friend Jessie Collins. Jessie invited her to a party at Ben’s house and they all went to Georgetown that night. Ben and Amanda were together every day that weekend – going on dates and meeting friends that were in town visiting for the Holiday.

Ben proposed on December 19th 2013! It was a typical Thursday night… thai food and a movie! They went out for a walk because the weather was amazing and when they came back to the house, he left to get the “movie” and food. Ben came back, they made their plates and settled in on the couch… Amanda presses play and the screen goes black and the words: “Amanda, this is not a movie…” popped up on the screen! Ben made his own movie… the story of them and how he wanted it to last forever! She cried like a baby and at the end of the movie, he was down on his knees and proposed to her! They celebrated with Champagne.

Amanda actually contacted us by phone and was searching for a wedding photographer that would shoot in Waynesboro, Va. We clicked in that first phone call and she was ready to book by the end of the call. She was very impressed with our answers to the typical “What you should ask your photographer” questions and all the other information we throw in there to show that we are in it for the long haul. Our philosophy of shooting weddings is to keep you AT your wedding – not take you away from it! We love weddings because they are such an important time to celebrate your love and family getting together. Keeping you for an hour for portraits isn’t our thing. We work fast and we do everything we can to make your wedding day perfect from beginning to end!


For Amanda and Ben, we were there early and were able to do a first look with them outside of the church where they were married. We have pictures of the church but none of the ceremony because we weren’t actually allowed to enter! That’s a first for us! There are always rules to follow but not always are we not allowed inside! It was a STUNNING church nonetheless and a photographer’s dream to shoot in because of the still, quiet beauty and the amazing natural light!

Amanda and Ben chose St. John’s Episcopal Church in Wanynesboro and the Country Club for the reception because it was the same church and reception where his parents got married! It meant so much to them. Amanda got dressed in the same library that his mother got ready in for her wedding day!

Sarah and Wendy were able to capture some beautiful quiet moments before the wedding inside the church that show just how pretty this place is!

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Amanda had a stunning bridal brooch bouquet which featured some of her wedding colors: blush, gold, white and ivory. Amanda’s great-grandmother passed away a few years ago and when she passed, she left her several of her brooches. For a bridal shower, Amanda’s now mother-in-law had everyone bring a brooch to help add to the collection. Her favorite brooch was the “I Love Bingo” one… her great-grandmother loved it! Amanda’s wedding rings are Ben’s grandmothers who passed away a few months ago.

Her lace dress with the beautiful drop waist sequined detailing was so stunning on her and fit her like a glove. All of the girls looked beautiful, each in their own unique dress and color. They blended together seamlessly. We are in LOVE with the new bridesmaid trend of non-matching dresses because everyone can wear a shade that is flattering to them and that fits their personal style and shape! This gives everyone some comfort in their look as well as making the pictures have so much more to look at!

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Amanda was the calmest bride we have ever photographed. She was so super chill and just enjoying each moment as it came. She was up for anything and enjoyed seeing everyone who came into the room to visit while she was getting ready and while she was waiting for the ceremony to start. We were impressed with her calm, sweet demeanor – which was mentioned a lot in the speeches!abblog7 abblog8

Amanda recieved a note from Ben before they did their first look which brought a huge smile to her face! We don’t know what it said but we do know that she was thrilled to read it! The outside was made of a map of Virginia with a heart around their wedding location!


They were both so excited to see each other for their first look outside the church! Amanda practically ran to Ben to get him turned around and he was overwhelmed by her beauty!abblog10 abblog11 abblog12 abblog13 abblo12abblog14 abblog15

The girls and guys did a great job braving the bugs and mosquitoes that were all around the garden of the church! We couldn’t stay out there long for fear of being covered with bites for the ceremony but we took advantage of a few minutes before the bugs became a little too excited to have us around!abblog16abblog17abblog18abblog19

The steps inside the church were another photographer’s dream! They were so beautiful and the railings were so graphic they just made a stunning place for portraits of Amanda and Ben!abblog20abblog21abblog22abblog23abblog24abblog25

Now it was time for Amanda to be tucked away for a little quiet time before the ceremony started. We couldn’t go in but we were able to capture a few sweet moments between Amanda and her Dad before they went into the closed doors of the church!



Ben and Amanda wanted to include their fur-baby Bentley in some of the Bride and Groom portraits at the Country Club in Waynesboro, Va. Another first for us at this wedding was the awesome shot that you’ll be sure to notice below. Bringing pets and kids into portrait time always bring fun with it! 😉


Amanda said, “Their wedding day was one of the best days of their lives…because they married their best friend and cannot wait to spend the rest of their lives together.”



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