Allison and Mark Smallacombe – Richmond, Va Wedding – Wellesley Country Club

Allison and Mark met at a bar in Philadelphia. She went over to him, because he was wearing a Flyer’s Jersey (a team she hated.) They started talking (bantering) about their hockey teams, then the more they started talking about things the more they connected. Two days later, he showed up at her apartment asking her what she was doing that day.  She was just out of college with no job so obviously, she told him she wasn’t doing anything, He told her to pack her bags, and they went to Atlantic City. They hit it off, and within a month they moved in together. Mark and Allison lived together in Philadelphia for almost 3 years, when he got a job offer he couldn’t refuse in Richmond. They moved to Richmond together and 8 months later he planned a trip for them to go to Key West, Florida. When they arrived to the most beautiful hotel, they got changed and had “scheduled plans.” After getting changed they went down to the beach, walked down the dock overlooking the ocean, and he proposed!!!!! After he proposed, they went on a sunset cruise that he had planned all along. It has now been over 4 years together, with their dog and they are happier than ever!!

I met Allison and Mark at the bridal show in Richmond and we hit it off immediately! My husband (who was working the show with me) actually spoke to Mark and Allison for a long time before I even got to meet them. Sometimes I think (or know) that he sells me better than I can sell myself! They are SUCH a sweet couple and we knew that we were a perfect fit for their wedding!


These are things that are most important to Allison and Mark:

Our dog (basically our baby), Hockey, Animals, Cooking, Comedy, Travel, Wine, Tasting, Good Restaurants, The beach/lake, Crossword puzzles, Crappy tv shows and shopping.

Their dog Gizmo was actually the ring bearer at the wedding and made a star performer during the getting ready portion of the day as well! Isn’t he a cutie?! Wait until you see his bowtie!


Mark and Allison both have bears from their childhood who now grace the bed together during the day! =) Had to take a picture of them together! So cute!!amblog11amblog12

I loved this moment of Allison and her dad walking towards the ceremony. She was a little stressed about the day in general because she doesn’t LOVE being in front of people! (I can relate!) Her dad while walking her down the aisle made some jokes about their favorite sport – hockey – and quickly lightened up her mood! Such an adorable smile on both of them in this image!


You couldn’t ask for a nicer guy to marry your beautiful daughter than Mark so even Dad was tearing up!


Welcome Gizmo sporting the bowtie!

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They are such a fun couple and their friends didn’t disappoint! It was a great party! The best and most memorable part of the whole day was when Mark busted a move.. and BUSTED OPEN his suit pants!! For the rest of the reception he sported his brother’s gym shorts over top of his suit! He didn’t slow down the dance moves one bit! No raining on this parade!amblog31amblog32

The reactions from the pants splitting were PRICELESS!!! So of course once we got settled in the gym shorts we had to do another small session of Bride and Groom Portraits to commemorate his “second look.”

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What’s a reception without the electric slide and some good old chicken dance?amblog40

Congratulations you two! It was an amazing, fun, happy, and beautiful day just like you both are! I look forward to seeing you again soon!!



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  • Linda Callahan Callaway February 7, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    I am Stephanie’s mother’s first cousin, living in Jupiter, Florida. I haven’t seen Stephanie since she was a little girl; however, I did get to see my cousin, Debbie (Mother of the Bride) in October just after the wedding. She sent me the link to your site so I could view all of the wedding photos. What a beautiful bride and groom; looks as though they know how to have a good time which will serve them well in life!! Great pictures, I feel like I went to the wedding; which, looked to be a very cozy and romantic, the best kind. You did a great job of the photos, thanks so very much.
    Linda Callaway in Jupiter, Florida (P.S. I have shared with my brother and sister as well.