Alissa and Jeff are MARRIED!

Alissa brought Jeff home to meet her family for the first time at Easter when he “didn’t have anywhere else to go” apparently her whole family knew since then this wasn’t just a pitiful friend from school with nowhere to go! There was something special going on here – whether they were ready to realize it yet or not.

Alissa’s earrings were a present from Alissa’s dad to her mom on the day she was born and now she’s wearing them at her wedding – THAT couldn’t be more beautiful!

Alissa and her family strongly felt necessary to honor those who were not able to make it to the event by placing a nosegay in front of Blessed Virgin Mary’s altar to honor and remember those who have passed before us.

Their first dance song was “Lucky” by Colbie Callait which they truly feel lucky to have found each other. Inside their rings they both have the word lucky written in the other’s handwriting and their luck was solidified today with the exchanging of those rings and a little rain too! The wedding went off otherwise without a hitch and was a beautiful, fun, love filled day.

She found this awesome cake topper at a little second hand antique store – they are made in the 1920’s out of silverware! Look at the amazing detail of the bride and groom!

There were three cupcakes flavors, delicious, oh my goodness that’s good, and ok this one’s amazing too… or something like that. I think the actual flavors were Apple Pie, Caramel Latte, and Chocolate. They were all to DIE for! Thanks to Amanda at Frostings for these amazing delicacies!  804-360-2712

Alissa and Jeff’s families were so full of love the room was exploding with laughter and life! People started dancing during cocktail and never stopped! There were some cultural moments as well, starting with traditional Irish music in honor of Alissa’s family and her family did some amazing “river dance” inspired dances! Then there was an adorable Greek couple who are Alissa’s coworkers that performed with the help of the other guests at the wedding two traditional Greek dances.

There were some other acts that were a little less planned – like “Stop in the Name of Love” performed by several guests using serving spoons as microphones! They have a super sweet pup named Paddington and another puppy I didn’t get to meet since Alissa and her old roommate share custody! Haha

Jeff and Alissa spent MANY countless hours cutting these saved corks in half to create homemade gifts for their guests. What a thoughtful (and useful) present for coming to share their amazing day.

The photo booth was a non-stop hit and I’m not sure the groom spent time doing much else once it opened up! Here are just a few of the hundreds of hilarious pictures we were able to capture that day!

It was a pleasure, and honor, and a privilege to be a part of Alissa and Jeff’s day and according to their vows and their families – babies will certainly follow! I look forward to working with Jeff and Alissa again in the future as they expand their love for one another (and possibly the number of people in their household!). Love to you both – you guys are going to be great together!




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